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  * UAE - The Un*x Amiga Emulator
  * memory management
  * Copyright 1995 Bernd Schmidt
  * Adaptation to Hatari by Thomas Huth
  * This file is distributed under the GNU Public License, version 2 or at
  * your option any later version. Read the file gpl.txt for details.

#ifndef UAE_MEMORY_H
#define UAE_MEMORY_H

#include "maccess.h"

#define call_mem_get_func(func, addr) ((*func)(addr))
#define call_mem_put_func(func, addr, v) ((*func)(addr, v))

/* Enabling this adds one additional native memory reference per 68k memory
 * access, but saves one shift (on the x86). Enabling this is probably
 * better for the cache. My favourite benchmark (PP2) doesn't show a
 * difference, so I leave this enabled. */
#if 1 || defined SAVE_MEMORY

typedef uae_u32 (*mem_get_func)(uaecptr) REGPARAM;
typedef void (*mem_put_func)(uaecptr, uae_u32) REGPARAM;
typedef uae_u8 *(*xlate_func)(uaecptr) REGPARAM;
typedef int (*check_func)(uaecptr, uae_u32) REGPARAM;

extern char *address_space, *good_address_map;

typedef struct {
    /* These ones should be self-explanatory... */
    mem_get_func lget, wget, bget;
    mem_put_func lput, wput, bput;
    /* Use xlateaddr to translate an Atari address to a uae_u8 * that can
     * be used to address memory without calling the wget/wput functions.
     * This doesn't work for all memory banks, so this function may call
     * abort(). */
    xlate_func xlateaddr;
    /* To prevent calls to abort(), use check before calling xlateaddr.
     * It checks not only that the memory bank can do xlateaddr, but also
     * that the pointer points to an area of at least the specified size.
     * This is used for example to translate bitplane pointers in custom.c */
    check_func check;
} addrbank;

#define bankindex(addr) (((uaecptr)(addr)) >> 16)

extern addrbank *mem_banks[65536];
#define get_mem_bank(addr) (*mem_banks[bankindex(addr)])
#define put_mem_bank(addr, b) (mem_banks[bankindex(addr)] = (b))
extern addrbank mem_banks[65536];
#define get_mem_bank(addr) (mem_banks[bankindex(addr)])
#define put_mem_bank(addr, b) (mem_banks[bankindex(addr)] = *(b))

extern void memory_init(uae_u32 nNewSTMemSize, uae_u32 nNewTTMemSize, uae_u32 nNewRomMemStart);
extern void memory_uninit (void);
extern void map_banks(addrbank *bank, int first, int count);


#define longget(addr) (call_mem_get_func(get_mem_bank(addr).lget, addr))
#define wordget(addr) (call_mem_get_func(get_mem_bank(addr).wget, addr))
#define byteget(addr) (call_mem_get_func(get_mem_bank(addr).bget, addr))
#define longput(addr,l) (call_mem_put_func(get_mem_bank(addr).lput, addr, l))
#define wordput(addr,w) (call_mem_put_func(get_mem_bank(addr).wput, addr, w))
#define byteput(addr,b) (call_mem_put_func(get_mem_bank(addr).bput, addr, b))


extern uae_u32 alongget(uaecptr addr);
extern uae_u32 awordget(uaecptr addr);
extern uae_u32 longget(uaecptr addr);
extern uae_u32 wordget(uaecptr addr);
extern uae_u32 byteget(uaecptr addr);
extern void longput(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 l);
extern void wordput(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 w);
extern void byteput(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 b);


static inline uae_u32 get_long(uaecptr addr)
    return longget(addr);

static inline uae_u32 get_word(uaecptr addr)
    return wordget(addr);

static inline uae_u32 get_byte(uaecptr addr)
    return byteget(addr);

static inline void put_long(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 l)
    longput(addr, l);

static inline void put_word(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 w)
    wordput(addr, w);

static inline void put_byte(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 b)
    byteput(addr, b);

static inline uae_u8 *get_real_address(uaecptr addr)
    return get_mem_bank(addr).xlateaddr(addr);

static inline int valid_address(uaecptr addr, uae_u32 size)
    return get_mem_bank(addr).check(addr, size);

#endif /* UAE_MEMORY_H */

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